Sweet Nothings........Words to Whisper in your Lover's Ear

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It has elicited comments like :
"Truly, It's a lovely recording. I was transported to a sweet little river somewhere in a very green place
as I listened to the words, and I almost believed I was 20 again and someone's truest love."

"I did listen to most of your CD and found it to be enchanting. 
  The music is delightful and the spoken words are like poetry."
   Michael Webb, "The World's Most Romantic Man"


World-renowned classical pianist Mona Golabek who hosts The Romantic Hours said, 
"It is just lovely. You're voice is so soothing"

"It's SO wonderfully romantic and sexy, and.....well, I'm sure you know what I mean"


"Wonderful excerpts. Oh, to have someone I care about speak to me that way. Sigh."



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Can you imagine 15 musicians recorded in a room measuring 12' x 12' !!!

Recorded in Kampala, Uganda

Omusango starts with the xylophone, then the harp, then the flute, then the tube fiddle, then the driums, shakers and vocals.

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Karigirwa Sandra

Listening to this voice, you would never know that she was a victim of the Rwandan genocide.

Sandra sings in French, Lugandan, Swahili and English.

Everyone remarks upon the purity and clarity of this beautiful girl's voice.

Click tolisten to the troubadoursDans La Grande Afrique


These are delightful Scottish children's stories written by Margo Fallis and read by Gordon Nicol
with his rich, distinctive Scottish accent.
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Children of Uganda

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Watch the dances and listen to the songs of these wonderful, beautiful amazing orphans from Uganda who toured the US to raise funds for their orphanage.


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The Sounds of Puerto Vallarta

While on a romantic trip to visit una chicita bonita called Gabriela, I was rewarded in my endeavour to help a little girl who lost her legs. Mariachi bands, children singing, Canto Nuevo, an amazing church service during the Festival of the Virgin de Guadalupe, a Peruvian/Bolivian traditional group and more.Click tolisten to the troubadours

Ay Jalisco










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      The Dallas Visual Art Center - For pictures and poems of this event,
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              My latest African trip  


                 Dec 2004 trip to Uganda

Fifteen musicians recorded

in a 12' x 12' room !

     Watch Sandra dance   with her Aunt Mariza


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