It's taken me two and a half years, but I have finally finished my video epic:

Join me on my most memorable journey with these amazing children.


Watch the "human fireworks" as the New Year arrives.
They create their own dance and gyrate with lighted torches on their heads.
You'll see where they live, watch them rehearse (always giving 100%) in Uganda before touring here in the USA, You'll see them sing as I recorded the tracks for the cd which I produced. The very basic living conditions in Uganda. An eventful visit to Kiwanga orphanage on my birthday. Listen to the sounds of  Namirembe Cathedral Choir (just like the Vienna Boys Choir but in colour) which I recorded on my departed mother's birthday. An incredible trip to Rakai orphanage where you'll join me on an outing to the "plantation" where the children harvest green beans and carry them all the way back home on their heads. You won't be able to sit still as you watch them sing and dance with their infectious, joyous spirit. They're an inspiration to all of us.


The DVD is now available...................



"Hi Gordon ...      the special message your video  conveys ...

It's PURE and SIMPLE ... and it goes right to the heart ...

A person cannot help but smile, or cry while watching these beautiful
  children/young adults in action as well as the adults who strive to care for
  these special spirits. ALL of these people seemed SO HAPPY; even while
  living with such limited means, they still found HAPPINESS in each day and
  gratitude in their hearts for what they have. Your video portrays their entire
  lifestyle, not just a token performance here and there ... and that's why I
  liked it SO very much!   It's a lesson in humanity, and if there's one thing
  this world needs other than love, it's HUMANITY!
  Take care dear friend ... and know in your heart the gift you sacrificed so
  much to produce IS WONDERFUL!!!
  Be PROUD of this accomplishment and continue to give the world more
  "gifts" of this nature ... Your destiny awaits ... ;-) "



Karigirwa Sandra
The lovely girl who "adopted me"
She really touched my heart and I wrote a poem
"Sandra from Rwanda - The Orphan who Adopted Me."


  My latest African trip  
Dec 2004 trip to Uganda

Fifteen musicians recorded

in a 12' x 12' room !

 Watch Sandra dance    with her Aunt Mariza


This web site was originally hosted for free by who,
without informing anyone, all of a sudden decided not to give any more free sites. So, this site which took countless hours of work, just "disappeared."
I am putting it all back together page by page and it may take a few months, but I'll have it hosted on a secure site for keeps.

So, please be patient if some of the links aren't working. They will be soon.


A New year, Century and Millennium to remember forever.

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I was invited by UCCF ( Ugandan Children's Charity Foundation) to record the songs of these wonderful, beautiful amazing orphans who toured the US from February thru April 2000.  I arrived on New Year's eve and spent an incredible evening at the home of Isabel and James Turner.  Isabel works tirelessly for UCCF  in Kampala.
They were both such gracious hosts and I spent two weeks in their beautiful home in another world. Uganda - a world of poverty, yet in her children there is such richness beyond compare.

  Bernard sits astride a large bass harp with strings made of just plain string.
Listen to the harp in the song Cweyatwe

To be able to hear the wonderful sounds of these children.
you must have a Real Audio Player. Click the button below to download a FREE version.
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                                           The children meet the First Lady after a performance at the White House.
                                                       March 2000
Bebaani Abo
Hakuna Mungu
Bwana Wangu
Gudu Gudu
Kirio Kirio
Maama Maria
O Runyege



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Look at the pictures

  • Listen to their hypnotic song.


    James had laid out all these kerosene torches on the grass spelling out "2000."  But, after the millennium hit, the children just went wild and started squealing with delight, running and throwing water over each other. Then someone thought that the torches needed to be honoured and put one on his /her head.
    Before too long, they all joined in.

    New Year's Eve Party

     See more of these children singing in their native Uganda.

    Example HR

    This was just the beginning of a new year in a new country and my birthday as well, was just in a couple of days. What a way to start off 2000!

    Example HR

    Christmas Day arrived on January 4th at Kiwanga Orphanage.
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    If looks could melt your heart.

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      February 2000

    This is my very first attempt at a web page, web site.....web anything.
    Only a few days ago, I didn't have the first idea about building a web site.
    All I knew was that I HAD to build it,  and didn't I take on a project? 
    So please be understanding if it maybe takes a little long to load or if a link may not work just yet.
        This has been an absolute labour of love for me. It has been a task, but I have had such an amazing experience doing it. Even here in the US, these children are still having a powerful influence on me. I've been driven to get this site on the internet so that the rest of the world can share in the beautiful experience I had. Being with these wonderful souls has honestly brought me more joy than I can tell you.
    On the journey home from Uganda, my eyes filled with tears more than once when I thought about these shining souls who have so touched my life.
            Back in November 1999 when I was planning this trip, I had the urge to buy a digital video camera to record the visual part of my journey. But, since  my main purpose in visiting Uganda was to record the children singing ( I'm a professional audio engineer with my own studio) I really hesitated about paying $1000 for a digital video camera since I had already spent much more on this project than I had intended. Therefore I thought at first it was being a bit reckless. But now, as you can see, my "recklessness" paid off in a big way. Every one of the pictures on this site (from Uganda) was from the video I took with my Sony TRV310 Digital 8 camera. I then captured the video using a Fast AV video card and, using Ulead's video capture software, got these beautiful pictures on my hard drive. Then, using Netscape's Gold Web Design template's, I put this together. I will be updating it regularly and plan to video tape The Tour of Light 2000 at the Majestic Theater in Dallas this March. So, there will be much much more to come.  Have your spirits uplifted by clicking on the Tour Schedule and seeing in person what I have brought you on this web site. You're in for a real treat. I guarantee it.

    ..........................   Gordon Nicol     (Uncle Kabuye)


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